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Shoot For The Head But Aim For The Heart


I grew up in a house where art was omnipresent. I remember so clearly attending college art classes with my mom as a child. She has inspired me my entire life with her beautiful portraits. To this day, I like to think that we inspire each other. I also have fond memories of watching my big brother draw on “Microsoft paint” using nothing but an old ball mouse; the end results were always so inspiring. He’s now a prominent digital artist in the gaming industry. With that being said, I was born with creativity in my blood. There was no escaping it.
In high school I enrolled in a photography class. On day one I was asked to leave when I informed the teacher I couldn’t afford a camera. He didn’t even try to find a way to make it work. I was devastated. My dreams seemed crushed, thankfully only for the time being.
 In November of 2008 I picked up my first DSLR in Quebec, Canada and started my journey to become a photographer. I struggled throughout the process of teaching myself. I searched high and low for my style. For years I assumed I had to be like other successful photographers and thought that would be how I’d gain success. My insecurities were starting to get the best of me. In 2012 I won my first awards when I entered a nation- wide photo contest following my fathers’ strong insistence. I was blessed enough to attend the award ceremony in Ottawa, Ontario. That was when I knew I had it in me, but there was still something missing and it led me to give up on photography all together in fall of 2013. After months of no longer doing what I loved, I picked my camera back up and continued where I left off, only this time deciding to experiment and expand more. I continued to win awards in 2013 and 2014 as I proceeded on this journey. It was only until recently when I moved to Alberta, Canada when I became aware that I am only as good as me. Once I came to that realization I stopped comparing myself to others and my unique style was formed. I started to be truer to myself, embracing my tastes.That’s when it started to show through my photography.












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Cold Lake, Alberta, Canada